E-marketing, also known as Internet Marketing, is a blend of Web marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. In short, it is the marketing of different products like physical or digital, using the world wide web or the internet. E-marketing has been on the boom for a while now due to several benefits over the other marketing medium such as TV or Newspaper. Most people spend more time using the internet than anywhere else.

The unprecedented and disruptive advancement in technology has evolved E-marketing a lot. People are now using different modes of E-marketing to sell the products with ease and by just sitting at home. Here is a list of different types of E-marketing that are heavily used nowadays.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most used modes of E-marketing. People even consider E-marketing as Email marketing. It is the way of promoting and selling products through emails. Different websites and blogs create lists of their visitors. After that, those lists are used to send promotional emails for marketing purposes. It has offered great value to various businesses.

Paid Advertisements (PPC)

Paid Advertisements are another great type of E-marketing. It is usually known as Pay per click (PPC). In this mode of E-marketing, businesses run Ad campaigns on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. They pay a significant price on every click on the Ad by the website visitors. 

Affiliate Marketing

This mode of E-marketing is pretty similar to the above two E-marketing modes. Affiliate marketing is promoting other companies’ products on your website. The website owners usually post reviews of certain products along with a link to the products’ websites. In return, they receive a commission if their visitors purchase through that particular link.

Social Media Marketing

Billions of people use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more. In this type of E-marketing, the businesses pay the social media influencer and different pages with good visitors to promote their products. 


Now, there are several advantages of E-marketing over the traditional modes of marketing. Here is a brief overview of those advantages.

E-marketing is less costly

E-marketing is miles ahead of traditional marketing if we compare both on cost. Newspaper ads and billboards cost you way more than utilizing any of the E-marketing modes. You can’t simply run a traditional marketing campaign in this budget at all.

High ROI

E-marketing offers a high return on investment in comparison with traditional marketing. You can get more buyers by investing less on different E-marketing platforms. Email marketing is considered one of the best and cheapest marketing modes than any other. Apart from that, there are plenty of tools to manage your campaign with better sight.

24/7 Availability

This is arguably the best advantage of E-marketing over any other marketing method. It offers 24/7 great availability. E-marketing can reach you out at any time no matter where you are, whether in the office or at home. All it needs is a device with the internet that everyone has nowadays.

Instance Response

E-marketing offers instant responses that are simply amazing. The visitors can purchase within a couple of minutes after viewing an ad. This is suitable for both the buyers as well as the sellers. 

Best for small businesses

Small businesses usually find it hard to advertise their products through traditional marketing. E-marketing has made it pretty easy for them to showcase their products with less budget. E-marketing allows small businesses to reach out to buyers from around the world.

With the pandemic going on over the globe, E-Marketing and the related fields have been getting more spotlight than ever.

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