SEO Optimization

Building your ideal client list

Whether your firm has a new website or an existing website, the first step towards building an effective SEO strategy is through analysis. BIXODIGITAL will provide a thorough analysis of your current website condition, traffic ranking, keyword effectiveness and the competition. This information—combined with your overall company mission and target market—provides us with the information we need to build a successful SEO program customized to meet your marketing objectives.
Developing an SEO strategy isn’t an easy undertaking. A well-optimized B2B website requires a team of professionals—web designer, web developer, content marketing specialist, copywriter and SEO expert—in order to reach its full potential. BIXODIGITAL employs experts in all these areas, getting your firm results faster.

Bot friendly keywords with a human voice

BIXODIGITAL researches industry-specific keyword phrases that are less competitive, will attract your ideal customer and maximize website traffic. Industry specific, long-tail keywords like “accounting firm for software” or “environmental engineering firm” are ideal for reaching the right audience. We then integrate the keyword phrases into the new website copy, page titles, header tags, meta data, sitemaps, alt text and social media bookmarks to set a solid on-page SEO foundation.
BIXODIGITAL also researches geotargeted keyword phrases if your firm wants to target a specific region. Examples of geotarged terms include “San Diego web design” or “New York City web design.” Geotargeted keyword phrases help your website rank faster than targeting more general keyword phrases.

Traffic growth and link building

Now that your new website design addresses both on-page SEO and your overall brand message, the next step is implementing an off-page SEO strategy. BIXODIGITAL creates a white-hat link building strategy using only best practices to improve your website traffic. We employ a mixture of strategies that make sense for your business, including inbound and outbound marketing, internal linking, directory submissions, guest blogging, link requests, local listings, sitemap submissions and other traffic building activities.

Ongoing SEO support and strategy

SEO is an evolving and dynamic marketing technique. To keep your B2B website well positioned through the changes, BIXODIGITAL creates unique strategies geared toward your specific customer base, in addition to regular reporting to ensure your website traffic goals are being met. It takes time to see results from your SEO initiatives, but overall it is the best long-term marketing investment a B2B firm looking to generate inbound leads from its website can make.
Learn how SEO can generate inbound leads for your company, schedule an SEO consultation today.

Once a B2B company’s website is designed, implementing an SEO strategy is critical to its long-term success. The website design and user interface affects how long people stay on your website, what pages they visit and the actions they take. Your B2B SEO strategy affects the amount of website traffic and whether you are attracting your ideal customer. You need both to succeed.