How about niching down?

So as a start-upper or a person trying new waters branching out of that already established business or even just wanting to revamp your current business, we want to help you start not just on both feet, but especially the right footing and direction. Finding your niche is the first step to getting the best for your customers and therefore making the best business plan possible. You might have had your business plan all figured out and you think you’re ready to pump in the cash and just get to work quick and easy. But hold up…what exactly are you going to be offering? What are you going to be selling that will make customers bypass all the other choices in the market to choose you? This is why we are here for you. Just so you know, having an idea, a product or a service to sell is amazing. But unfortunately that alone won’t help make enough sales or make you step a little out of the large kost crowd. To reach our goal of equipping you with the best strategies you need, we have to bring out the “unique” in your services. Offering the best options other competitors have not offered is not just your best shot, but a must in the process. So yes, that’s what we are treating this season. That itty bitty useful part in the market that accounts for a certain kind of specialty concerning an unmet specific need for a specific customer is what is called a “niche”, or what I like to call “the unique us for the unique you”. To niche down or to find a niche means finding a comfortable or suitable position. This comfort is not so much for yourself as it is for your customers. You need specificity. Which of their needs particularly will you be meeting and how efficiently will you be meeting them? These and more are options to be considered when picking your business type and plan, it’s geographical location, colours and even service price. Nothing beats feeling specially and intentionally taken care of. The business world is in no way different in this regard So grab your pens, jotters, notepads as well as anti bluelight glasses. For we are going to be having a full niche down course for the few next posts. You don’t want to miss any part of it. You might be surprised, happily so. 

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